Named GP

Named GP

Recent changes to the GP contract mean that all patients in England, including children, will benefit from having a named, accountable doctor who will be responsible for coordinating their care. We have allocated all our patients a “Named GP”

Your named GP will be your usual GP whose name will appear on the top right hand side of your prescription slip.

Please ask at reception if you wish to know  your usual GP

Please note:

You can still talk to any of our clinicians, not just your Named GP.

You can still have appointments with any of our clinicians, not just your Named GP.

The frequently asked questions below answer most of the queries we have received in this regard.

Why have I been allocated a named GP?

The government believes, as we do, that continuity of care adds value to consultations and people with long term medical problems benefit from seeing the doctor who knows them best. We have always promoted continuity of care, especially for patients with long term complex medical problems.

Will having a named GP mean I will always be given a same day appointment with that doctor?

No. Having a name GP ensures an individual clinician has overall responsibility for the care and support our practice provides to you but it does not imply that doctor’s personal availability or mean that you will have any reduction in the time you may have to wait for an appointment.

Will the quality of my care be affected if I don’t see my named GP?

No. The clinicians make comprehensive notes in your medical record about every consultation they have with you. If you need to see a different doctor your full medical records will always be readily available including any correspondence, test results and medication issues so, in reality, there is sufficient information available in your records to ensure that any of our clinicians can care for you appropriately without any compromise in the standard of care provided.

Do I need to take any action?

You do not need to take any further action, but if you have any questions or wish to specify a GP partner as your named GP the practice will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your request please note that our telephone lines are very busy.